Reader Commentary and Discussions

Reader Commentary and Discussions

“I went through Phase Two twice, once as a young man and later when I was about sixty. I could see myself and some of my past colleagues get stuck in Phase Two and never left. I am somewhere between three and four.”

Mike Q.


“I am a Phase Three guy, but continually probing Phase Four. I have been blessed with a positive outlook on life and have never had to deal with prolonged depression or lingering disappointment going through Phase One or Two. Your book has inspired more thinking, so for me it was a big success. Going forward I want to “contribute” and “add value” to others in whatever form it takes. Five years ago I wrote a short piece Speedy the Turtle for young readers, based upon a true story of our next-door neighbors. The intent was to provide some examples of positive life lessons to young people with an entertaining story. I need to investigate the potential of completing this very short story, to determine if it’s worthy of sharing more widely.”

Gary W.


“I am mostly in level 3 and partly in level 4. I did not experience any of the stresses of level 2. I think it’s because I never felt that my job or business colleagues were that important to me. I discounted the praise I received in business; I think my modesty comes from my belief that God was blessing me more than I deserved.

Dennis P.


“I did not do a Phase One…maybe it would have been nice, but…Phase Two did not happen to me and I am grateful, not that I don’t miss my friends at work, but I do stay in contact with a lot of them each year, so I didn’t have a total cutoff… I think I am right in the middle between Phase Three and Four. I have gotten very active in a community and with new friends in Florida, and that keeps my mind very busy.”

Ed B.


The importance of Phases 3 and 4 for me was that I felt both encouraged and motivated. Encouraged because I better understood that my last three years of searching (even though frustrating since I had not yet landed where I can and will make an impact) were a natural phase most retirees go through, and just part of my journey to find my real calling. Motivated because a process (unique ability, high points, and threads) was outlined to help me learn more about myself, and where I can truly make a difference.

Don K.